EHEDG Working Group Meat Processing

EHEDG re-started its Working Group on Meat Processing

Over the past decades the food industry has faced an increase in the demand of meat and meat products. However, among all food sectors, the meat sector has been found to be last trusted by the consumers, mainly due to food fraud and (re-)contamination scenarios.

As meat is highly perishable and its sensory attributes are easily affected by different technological processes, materials in contact with meat and machine design need to fulfill highest hygienic requirements to contribute to the overall safety and quality of the final products.

Hence, the EHEDG Working Group on Meat Processing is aimed at describing the levels of hygienic design at different processing stages of meat and meat products. The Code of Practice for Meat (CAC/RCP 58-2005) will be applied as background information and for the definition of manufacturing processes. The most relevant (hazardous) residues (e.g. bone fragments, blood, fatty tissue) identified in meat processing will enable us to elaborate critical aspects of machinery and equipment design and to further establish recommendations for cleaning and disinfection. The finalized document will provide guidance by highlighting good and bad design examples as well as by describing the installations, operations and maintenance requirements of such equipment according to state-of-the-art achievements.

The group held its Kick-Off meeting on 20 September 2017 in Vienna, Austria and is kindly chaired by

Ms. Marija Zunabovic-Pichler
BOKU - Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Department of Food Science and Technology
Phone: +43 1 47654 75447.

Picture credit: Shutterstock © schankz / 197822798